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Tablet User Career

Become a Tablet User And Sell All Product Without Investment in All Over India


Your Problems Our Benefits
➤  Money is very important to do business. Without money one cannot do business. ➤  Whereas here, without spending money, you can sell goods in India , worth crores of rupees.
➤  For establishing your own showroom, You need an investment of 20 lakhs along with 1 lakhs rupees as deposit + minimum 5 employees to run it. Inspite of this, you can sell only sell goods worth 20 lakhs and that too in your own city. ➤  Whereas here, without investing money, you can sell goods worth millions all across the country. You do not need to pay any deposit nor recruit employees.
➤  You have to take own risks in setting up your business. ➤  Whereas here you don’t need to take any risk.
➤  You can sell your products in your showroom only when you get customers who go through the variety and then select for themselves. ➤  Whereas here you can sell your products through your mobile from any part of the world. The customer will check all your products online and then select from them.
➤  In today’s era when the world has become so competetive, it is very difficult to run a business as well as maintain it. ➤  Technology is with you, you will stay updated with us constantly.
Example For Your Store Example For Our Benefits
•  Your Minimum Investment: 20,00,000/-
•  Your Showroom Deposit: 1,00,000/-
•  No Investment
•  No Deposit.
   •     Monthly Balance Sheet
•  Here, You Must Have To Give Your Full Time.

   •     20,00,000 / 3% interest = 63,000/-
   •     Your salary = 10,000/-
   •     Your employee salary = 10,000(2*5,000)
   •     Tea charge = 1,000
   •     Light charge = 2,000
   •     Transport charge = 1,000
   •     Monthly showroom rent =15,000
   •     Insurance charge = 1,000/-

   •     Total = 1,03,000/-
•  Whereas Here, You Will Stay With Your Part Time

   •     No Investment
   •     No Salary
   •     No Employees
   •     No Rent
   •     No Insurance
   •     No Charge

   •     Total = 0.00/-
➤  If your turnover per month is (3.lakhs) 3,00,000/-Rs and your turn a profit is 30%, than your Gross profit is 90,000/-Rs & net loss is 13,000/-Rs per month. ➤  Whereas here if your turnover is 2,00,000/-Rs (2 lakhs) and your commission is up to 10% than your gross profit is 20,000/-Rs And net profit is 20,000/-Rs